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About the Bertl family

In now the 5th generation and with the 6th generation on the heels we, the Bertl family, run the “Kirchberger”.

Join us, the Bertl family, on a journey to simply enjoy. Nestled in the beautiful landscape of the Pfaffenwinkel and the foothills of the Alps, surrounded by lakes, crystal-clear mountain rivers and nature reserves.
There is much to discover all around: from the mountains, churches, museums and the royal castles to the Zugspitze…whether hiking, biking or in short distances by car. For the physical well-being we provide with our excellent natural alpine cuisine!

Kirchberg Chronicle

The career of the Landhotel Kirchberger

1907 with Max Bertl marks the beginning of the “Bertl” era in Kirchberger. He buys “the host” for 45,400M.
The eldest son takes over the farm and the economy.
1907 The post agency Wildsteig (established in 1905 in the annex of the Mesnerhaus) is located in
the inn moved (to the right of the entrance). Max Bertl and his son ride with him
the still existing postal trolley daily to Rottenbuch to receive the mail
1934 After the construction of its own post office building, a small butcher’s shop is built
set up; however, it is not slaughtered regularly.

1935 Bertl Max
19.12.1935: Max Bertl, the eldest son, marries Justine Buchenberger
from Badershausen/SOB, who served with the teacher Kehrle, and takes over the
Estate and the economy.
1952 New construction of the hall: “In addition to the hall, it also includes a subsequent
Cinema room, a cloakroom and a beer parlour.”
1954 Construction of the stage
1966 Bertl Franz
21.02.1966: Franz Bertl, the eldest son, marries Erika Schenk from Steingaden
and takes over the property and the economy.
1971 Expansion of the hall with floor, wooden ceiling and heating.
1977 First construction phase of the new building: Garage and Roßstall (today’s shop), Tenne
and barns are demolished, construction of a modern shop with adjoining rooms.
1984 End of dairy farming
1985 Second construction phase: Installation of a modern butcher’s shop with cold rooms and
stables; above it two apartments.
1992 Bertl Franz
08.02.1992 the current owner Dorothea Stuckenschmidt marries and takes over
1998 the butcher’s shop including restaurant with hall.
1999 The inn kitchen is fundamentally renovated and modernized.
2002 The complete roof truss above the economy is completely renewed and new
covered and equipped with a photovoltaic system.
The entire first floor will be completely renovated and seven modern
Create guest rooms.
The old slaughterhouse is removed from the courtyard and so much air and space
created for today’s guest garden and herb garden.
2004 The 2nd floor is extended by 2 suites and 3 further guest rooms.
2006 Expansion of the roof truss above the hall, two large
Holiday apartments.
2010 Replacement of the old oil heater with a wood chip heater.
Two more photovoltaic systems will be added.
2016 The dining room is completely renovated and the beautiful old ceiling beams are visible
made. In addition, there is new lighting and seating.
2017 Where earlier (to the right of the entrance) the Poststüberl, then a small
Butcher’s shop with cold rooms and also a small office, the new
Stüberl, also again with the old visible ceiling beams.
2020 The first “corona” epidemic year with the lockdown from mid-March to
At the end of May is used to use the kitchen, at the expense of your own family and
Staff corner, with a cold kitchen and a workplace for the
Patisserie to expand. In addition, all existing work tables are placed on
Pedestal set.
2021 In the second Corona year with the lockdown from November 2020 to
In June 2021, the ballroom will be converted into spa suites. The three
Feel-good suites in wooden construction made of local spruce, flooded with light, with
Kitchenette, balcony and each with its own sauna or infrared cabin will delight the guests. Furthermore, space is created for new energy efficient cold rooms, beverage and dry storage. In addition, there is a new counter with dispensing system, a suitable place and storage space for the large professional coffee machine and, finally again, a cozy corner for the family and the employees.
For the popular garden there is a new comfortable seating with beautiful
large umbrellas.

Tradition creates trust.