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A warm welcome!

Gasthof und Landhotel Kirchberger in Wildsteig

Join us, the Bertl family, on a journey to simply enjoy. Nestled in the beautiful landscape of the Pfaffenwinkel and the foothills of the Alps, surrounded by lakes, crystal clear mountain rivers and nature reserves.
There is much to discover all around: from the mountains, churches, museums and the royal castles to the Zugspitze…whether hiking, biking or in short distances by car. For the physical well-being we provide with our excellent natural alpine cuisine!

My week in the Kirchberg

There is so much to see that one week is often not enough 😉

Many of our guests plan stays with us as a classic sight seeing trip at a sporty pace. On site, it then quickly becomes clear that there is so much to see, and too little time to pause and enjoy popular.

Our tip: It’s better to plan a few more days. It’s worth it!

Otherwise, you will miss so many beautiful things, sights worth seeing and many an experience that will remain in your memory for a long time…

Our central location opens up countless possibilities. Everything is just a “stone’s throw” away, hikes start right outside the front door, bike trails are waiting, the mountains are very close. The classics that pass by the Kirchberger are the Way of St. James, the King Ludwig Way, the Prelates Way, the Meditation Way, the Romantic Road, the German Alpine Road and the Lake Constance-Königssee Cycle Path!

Varied and scenic trails with lengths from 4 km to almost 15 km are offered by the Nordic Walking Center Wildsteig. Also with children you can go on the way and so, for example, explore the milk trail with a rest at the Schönegger Käsealm. There is much to discover there!


The journey was relaxed but long. Quickly unpacked. Wow, such beautiful rooms. The SPA Suite leaves nothing to be desired. We look forward to our perfect week of vacation over a sparkling cyclist in the beer garden.


...the beer garden...


Slept better than I have in a long time. Does the good country air do that? We strengthen ourselves with breakfast and plan the day. Today we relax at the lake. Lake Forggensee is supposed to be picturesque – let’s take a look! Good thing we pre-ordered a snack pack from Dorothea yesterday.

...the Forggensee...


Yesterday perfectly recovered at the lake and today it goes to the first highlight – Neuschwanstein we want to visit and in the evening there’s tasty from the grill in the beer garden. The weather is supposed to be royal today!


Tradition creates trust.